Next Level Cat Repellent – Funny Cat Reactions!

How to keep cats out of your garden, my DIY cat trap repellent – This is a follow up of “How to Stop Cats going on Your Car” — The Best Cat Video Ever! It follows on my struggle and solution to my problem with neighbourhood cats in my yard and garden spraying on my car, pooping in my garden & scratching outdoor furniture.

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Seriously I don’t hate cats, This video was the result of a legitimate ongoing problem we have had with cats in our area. Washing cat urine off our doors and cars was becoming an increasingly time consuming and frustrating part of our weekly routine. Not to mention the many nights lost sleep with cats fighting each other, we have even had property damage.

Basically I thought “screw it”, why not turn our problem into entertainment? Everyone likes a funny cat video on youtube 😉

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It’s like blending Top Gear, Mythbusters and expired milk.

**Update: This video just won the major prize in 2013 Rottofest Film Festival !! **

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