True Facts About The Octopus

Special thanks to the Monterey Bay Aquarium
for letting us shoot on location!
Check out

Another big thank you to MBARI
for their amazing deep sea footage

Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute

Cirrate in pineapple posture ::
Dumbo octopus swimming ::

Amazing Octopus Transformation :: robert karchut

Cute octopus getting away with its shell :: arhnue tan

Octopus :: Timothy Ewing/Vimeo

Hunting Octopus :: Pasi Lensu

Feeding Red Octopus ::

White Octopus In Jar :: Getty Images

Octopus rubescens and spot prawns ::

Why We’re Suckers for the Giant Pacific Octopus :: Monterey Bay Aquarium

Octopus picks his nose :: Kristian Pettersson

Mimic Octopus mating :: Elisabeth Lauwerys

Octopus Beak ::Gary Ombler/Getty Images

Octopus’s Junkyard :: Laura James

RuggedTerrain and Good Walk (walking octopus) :: crissy huffard

Little Octopus Climbing Over Rock :: Parry Gripp

Octopus walks on dry land, Broome :: Museum Victoria

Octopus in Redsea TLC :: adelredsea1

best octopus sex :: surfbroandy

more octo hatch, Octo Nest :: Laura James

Octo Nest # 5 :: Laura James

Life of an Octo :: Laura James

Go Baby Go :: Laura James

yolk jelly and red octopus school :: MBARI

Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute

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